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Ida Mary Baars (Young)


Bijkomende namen

Bijkomende namen Naam
Gehuwde naam Young


vader Geboortedatum moeder Geboortedatum
Daniel Baars 9/1854 Ruth Ann Clayton (Baars) 01.07.1854


Soort gebeurtenis Datum Plaats Omschrijving
Geboorte 10.09.1883 Perry County, Tennessee, United States of America
Overlijden 18.12.1959 Perry County, Tennessee, United States of America
Begrafenis Perry County, Tennessee, United States of America Young Cemetery


Ida Baars was born on 10.9.1882 in Perry County, Tennessee. On the 6th day of June 1900 when the census was taken for Beardstown, Ida was living with her parents Daniel and Ruthie Ann Baars. Just four short days later, she married Robert T. Young on 10.6.1900. He was born 13.10.1868. Robert and Ida lived in Texas for a short time but we’re not for sure when that was. Fairly soon in their marriage they set up housekeeping at the lower end of Lick Creek in Perry County, Tennessee.

According to the 1910 census report, Ida had given birth to two children but only one was still alive on 22.4.1910 – Betty who was born 10.10.1903 and died 11.10.1974. In the 1920 census report, Robert and Ida rented their home and Betty, who was 16 years old at the time of the census on January 19, had attended school at some time since September 1, 1919. In the 1930 census Robert and Ida live on a farm and own their home. Their daughter Betty had married Fred Carlton and they lived next door to Robert and Ida. Fred and Betty also lived on a farm but rented their home. They had been married six years and had no children. After Robert died 13.6.1931, “Miss” Ida continued to live about a hundred yards or so just up the road from her daughter Betty and her husband Fred Carlton. Up through the 1940’s and into the 1950’s Miss Ida had neither electricity nor running water. A kerosene lamp sitting on a table could be seen through a front window at night as it provided her light to read by. Quite often she was seen with a water bucket in her hand and walking along a pathway either going to or coming from a spring that was located beside the Lick Creek Road in front of her house. During those years she wore long sleeved dresses that reached from her neck down to her ankles. If you passed by while she was dipping water from the spring she would stop, straighten up, give you a big smile and greet you with her right arm extended up and her hand waving high in the air. She commonly wore her hair in a tight little bun done up on the back of her head. According to the 1940 census record the highest level of school Miss Ida had achieved was grade 7. Her daughter Betty had gone to school through the 8th grade.

Miss Ida liked living close by to her daughter Betty and always enjoyed visiting when the Baars families got together at Fred and Betty’s house.
Miss Ida died 18.12.1959 at 77 years of age of “Heart failure” brought on by “malnutrition and senility.” Her death record notes that Miss Ida’s middle name was Mary. She died at home on lower Lick Creek and is buried with Robert in the Young Cemetery on upper Lick Creek Road in Perry County, Tennessee.

On the gravemarker is written:
Young, Robert T., Oct. 13, 1868-June 13, 1931, "Father"
Young, Ida Baars, Sept. 10, 1883-Dec. 18, 1959, "Mother"