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Stanley Baars



vader Geboortedatum moeder Geboortedatum
Daniel Baars 9/1854 Ruth Ann Clayton (Baars) 01.07.1854


Soort gebeurtenis Datum Plaats Omschrijving
Geboorte 08.10.1899 Perry County, Tennessee, United States of America
Verblijfsplaats 1940 24 Toms Creek Road Perry, Tennessee
Overlijden 13.04.1977 Beardstown, Perry County, Tennessee, United States of America
Begrafenis Beardstown Cemetery


Stanley Baars was born 8.10.1899 at Beardstown in Perry County, Tennessee. It is strange why Stanley’s name does not show up on the 1900 census record along with his parents and Ida since he was born in 1899 and would have been almost one year old when the census was taken.

Apparently the census taker did not bother to ask his parents before submitting the report. Daniel has not been found in the 1920 census reports. Daniel died in 1927. Stanley continued living with his mother and took care of her until her death. The 1930 census report shows that Stanley and his mother were living on a farm and that Ruthie Ann Baars owned the house where they lived. The 1940 census report for Beardstown in Perry County, Tennessee was conducted during the time of April 5 – 6 – 8 while the same census for Wheelwright, Kentucky was conducted on April 11 of that same year.
The census for Beardstown shows that Stanley was living in the same house on the Toms Creek Road that he was living in on April 1, 1940.
The census for Wheelwright, Kentucky shows that Stanley was living with Comer and Cora Baars in their house as a “lodger” and had been living there also on April 1, 1940. Apparently Stanley was first living in Beardstown and moved from there to Wheelwright, Kentucky between the times the two censuses were taken. After living in Kentucky for a while, Stanley moved back to Tennessee. He enjoyed visiting with family any time they got together.

BAARS, Stanley Oct 8 1899-Apr 13 1977